Our Philosophy

Our objective is to develop individuals into positive, confident and respected members of society while learning to face life’s problems with control, responsibility and dignity. Karate training in our clubs aims at fostering altruistic principles based on the ideals of excellence and hard work.

These are:

  • The development of a high standard of karate technique, together with an indomitable fighting spirit.
  • The development of physical ability and strength in the need to apply ourselves appropriately for the protection of ourselves, family and friends.
  • The development of a healthy mind and body in relation to a healthy lifestyle.
  • The development of the mental, moral and physical aptitudes of each individual student including assertiveness, confidence, concentration, discipline and self-control.
  • The development of wisdom to apply ourselves in a mature manner to the control of emotions or tempers in highly tense moments.
  • Persevering in the attainment of a solid foundation of character through hard work, sincerity, effort, etiquette and patience.
  • Training in a safe and friendly atmosphere while encouraging determination and discipline through hard work and mental exertion.
  • Gaining enjoyment and satisfaction while diligently overcoming the many challenges presented during training.