JKA Malta Gasshaku July 2014


The Shotokan Karate-Do Association took part in the Gasshuku held at Ta’ Giorni, the past 11th, 12th, and 13th of July. The Training Seminar was organized by JKA Malta, and the sessions were conducted by Sensei Roy Tomlin(6th Dan JKA, Senior Instructor, National Coach, Examiner and Judge for JKA England).

Despite the Summer heat, all pushed themselves to their limits in every session. After an invigorating Jiyu Kumite session on Sunday, Sensei Edward and SKA black belts joined Sensei Tomlin and Sensei Dario for afternoon lunch in Bugibba. Long hours of karate discussion followed in preparation for an upcoming SKA trip to London in September 2014 that would later confirm our affiliation as an association to JKA.



SKA higher belts with Sensei Edward, Sensei Tomlin and Sensei Dario JKA