SKA Junior Grading – 9th March 2015


New Junior 12th Kyus with Sensei Edward 4th Dan (centre back row). By his side Sensei David 3rd Dan and Sensei Kenneth 3rd Dan. Senpai Keith 2nd Dan and Senpai Paul 1st Dan by their side

On Monday 9th March, the Shotokan Karate-DO Association held a Grading Examination for Junior Kyu Grades. The examination took place at MCAST, Paola and was carried out by Sensei Edward Aquilina 4th Dan, Sensei Kenneth Farrugia 3rd Dan and Sensei David Salem Rizzo 3rd Dan, assisted by Senpai Keith 2nd Dan and Senpai Paul 1st Dan.

A commendable examination was executed, by our Juniors, who took on the challenge and gave an outstanding performance to the best of their ability in front of an audience of SKA Black belts, Adult Kyu grades and parents.

Congratulations to all 17 students who passed their first 12th Kyu examination!


SKA Junior Grading March 2015 Kihon


SKA Junior Grading March 2015 Kumite


SKA Junior Grading March 2015 Basic Kumite


SKA Junior Grading March 2015 Self Defence Applications


SKA Junior Grading March 2015 Kata